Griffin Aherne Dark Heresy

Session 1: 27/07/2013 - Milton Keynes

Unusual beginnings

You meet on Bastion Serpentis, you are all recently recruited acolytes of the Ordo and Inquisitor Al-Subaai has requested your presence.

The initial meeting took place in a circular room, no-one knew anyone else and it was a tense and difficult start, Al-Subaai gave you all next to no useful information other than the fact that you will be sent to the planet Landunder in the Malfi Sector and that you would be met at Tricketts Landing where your cover would be that of Rogue Traders.

Translation took around 3 weeks aboard the ship Maidens Demise, a well armed rogue trader ship in the employ of the Inquisition. You introduced Each other as Agi, Doom, Red, Gorn, Frak and Able and spent the next few weeks getting to know each other.

On arrival at Landunder you were greeted with the amazing sight of a crust that floated freely about the boiling oceans of the planet, you finally met the Captain of the Maidens Demise, Nestor who informed you that he would be trading in the nearby sector and would be available for extraction as and when required.

Landing Time: Day 1, 09:30 Terra Standard

It didn’t take you long to get into trouble on arrival at the docking station, after being greeted by a Servo Skull bearing a summons, you were accosted by a local group of thugs. The fight escalated rapidly when Agi opened fire with a las pistol, the thugs only armed with hammers took a rapid beating with Agi taking two out on her own. Gorn got into trouble after losing the grip on his sword but recovered rapidly with a perfectly executed combat roll to retrieve it and parry a shot to his head. The fight ended when Able shattered the leaders arm with his Hammer and the thugs dissapeared into the crowd.

You picked up the trail of the Servo Skull and followed it to what turned out to be the Administatum Building for the area. After Agi finally worked out how to open the door you made your way inside to meet with Interrogator Sampson who breifed you more fully on the situation.

Essentially people had been dissapearing all over Tricketts Landing and some had been coming back changed in some way, although he had suspicions he was too busy to deal with it personally hence your involvement, he suspects its Xenos of some description. You were given various bits of kit to help you and you requested a data slate with locations of habs for the missing people.

You visited the armoury where you aquired some extra weapons and after Able tipped the quartermaster 10 thones you got an extra bodyguard pass. Gorn nearly got himself shot after pestering for more gear.

You next took Red to the doctor in the building, it seemed he took more of a beating than he let on, medication was administered and Red came out looking worse than when he went in.

The Shivering Vermin

Your first port of call was The Shivering Vermin where you ordered food and drink from the Barman, Agi was particularly nervous owing to the state of the place. While nursing your drinks you spotted a lone guy at the bar who was being watched by another group of people, on closer inspection the second group had a pale, waxy look about them. Able first and then Doom later attempted to strike up a conversation with the drunk who was introduced to you as Novus Solomon a worker indebted to the Frintell Combine. He slurred a number of things about people dissapearing and being strange but that was about all you got out of him.

All you did find out was that someone called Lazerus had taken over all the rooms in the bar and the Templum was probably the only place you would get a room for the night.

Shortly after Lazerus burst into the room demanding to know why you beat up his fellows and then demanded you followed him into the back room. You did and he got to asking about setting up a drug deal, whereby you could ship 10,000 units of Obscura offworld for 180 thrones. Red took posession of 5 packs for 80 thrones in the interim while Frak decided to sample the goods and soon turned into a spaced out pidgeon.

Able grabbed her and dragged her from the room only to use her as a human shield as a gun fight erupted in the bar. After a brief but bloody shootout the shooters, the group you had seen earlier ran off but left enough of their blood for Agi to get a sample, which was later taken back to Sampson for analysis. This would take a couple of days.

You broke into a Missing Person Hab not far from the bar previously occupied by some of the missing people, you gathered no one had been here for some time and turned it into your base of operations, Frak came out of her drug fuelled haze and Red took the opportunity to rest. You then made the decision to head to the Trade Market.

End time: Day 1, 14:00 Terra Standard.



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