Griffin Aherne Dark Heresy

Session 2: 28/07/2013 - Milton Keynes

In trouble with the law

Start Time: Day 1, 14:00 Terra Standard.

The Trade Market

You make your way through the Postern Square on your way to the Trade Market, passing beggars and the general drop outs of society, your passes got you easily past the Arbites and into the Market area.

Splitting into smaller groups and wary of pickpockets you begin your investigations, there is little of worth for sale although you do find out that Agi could get some suplies from a place called Arls Yard, which is apparently nearby.

Gorn and Able have the most success listening and talking as Red and Doom are busy keeping watch and Frak is busy trying to get Agi to eat various disgusting looking local delicacies.

Gorn and Able discover that its generally not a good idea to go out at night, apparently this is when the most dissapearances take place, they also get advised to go and look at the Factorium as the people there just ain’t right. In addition to this Able finds out that most of the missing people that returned moved out of their habs and moved to another hab, but he was unable to discern where this was.

After a couple of hours of wandering round you spot some more of the pasty faced people watching you, as soon as you look round they dissapear down an alley way. Able attempts to shadow them but gives his position away due to some loose pipework and discovers the group have dissapeared down a long alley and are nowhere to be seen. Frak soon follows and is shot at for her troubles, there after begins a long battle and what could be described only as a ‘Comedy of Errors’.

Frak moves up the wall calling on the warp to aid her movement, you find that you are fighting a child, a woman and two men, however all is not as it seems and they are considerably toughter than you would expect. Red and Doom make early errors tripping over each other, Gorn enters combat agains the woman who smashes his knuckles, unfortunately a shaken Doom gets to her feet to smash them again and this continues leaving Gorns left arm a mass of bruises and cuts.

Agi attempts to assist Able who is failing to get hold of the child and suceeds in burning off the back of his hair with her las pistol. Ultimately you succeed in beating down the woman and child but not before the Arbites have intervened and gunned down one of the men, unfortunatley Gorn and Doom charge after the fleeing survivor and earn the wrath of the Arbites who open fire on them.

Red remains in teh alley and makes a bag from a coat to store some brain matter from the fallen woman, realising his predicament he hides both the brin matter and the drugs that he has on his person. The Arbites arrest all of you and take to the holding cells.

The Arbite Headquarters

You are stripped of your gear and put into a holding cell in the Arbite Headquarters, there are a couple of other dregs in there with you, but no one of any note. While you are discussing your options Able notices a pale faced Arbite watching you from the doorway, the individual dissapears when spotted however.

Eventually Magistrate Thaddius comes and lets you out and takes you to an interrogation chamber, where you find your kit laid out, it appears your cover has held up to scrutiny and you have all the relevant passes. You are grilled for some time about what you are doing in Tricketts landing and how you have managed to get into three major fights since arriving that morning. You discover from Thaddius that the dissapearences do indeeed generally happen at night and he even had a couple of his boys go missing and come back weeks later. The ones that came back look a bit different and act different but they are still fully capable of doing their jobs, further questioning reveals he has suspicions about the Mineral Station and guides you there to speak to Ishmael. For his help you offer Thaddius a report on whats going on there, he is unable to do anything due to the Frintell Combines influence in the area. You also ask for the bodies, however the policy in the lower hive is to burn all bodies on the street, there is no facility here to do autopsys.

Your kit is returned to you and satisfied you have everything you heead on out, Red, Able and Agi head back to the alleyway to see what they can find while the others head back to the Hab, around 2.5hrs have passed since you were arrested. Those in the alley find the bag of brain matter but the drugs and all other traces of the fight have either gone or being burned away, as you are leaving Red suddenly collapses.

Able is convinced he is dead but Agi thinks otherwise, you enlist the help of two burly workers to carry him back on a stretcher that Agi makes from refuse in the alleyway. You get as far as the administratum building and decide with light fading you should stop there, by this time Red has come round and is asking what happened. You pay the workers 30 thrones and they run off, urging you to be off the street before dark. It is now around 19:30 Terra Standard.

You finish with Agi wanting to go give a report in to Sampson, a somewhat groggy Red being helped by Able. Gorn and Frak are resting at the Hab and Doom is keeping guard on the door.

End time: Day 1, 19:30 Terra Standard.

For your efforts so far you receive 350xp.



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